National Justice Project

Fearlessly fighting injustice.
National Justice Project.

As the winner of our 2023 HumanKind* initiative, how do you champion a new strategic positioning, increase awareness and donations, all while integrating both powerful and culturally sensitive brand attributes?

The National Justice Project has an ultimate goal of eliminating systemic racism and discrimination within the justice system, working with First Nations people, people with disabilities, refugees, and asylum seekers or anyone facing discrimination.

With a newly defined purpose crafted by the Brand Council: “to fearlessly fight to end discrimination”, this resolute and audacious mission has served as the foundation for our creative approach, blending authentic editorial photography that addresses pressing national concerns, impactful messaging that garners attention, and a visual identity that is unapologetic and perpetually progressive.

*In 2023, we expanded our WomenKind initiative to adopt a more human-centric and inclusive approach, renaming it HumanKind. The National Justice Project emerged as the recipient of our initiative, dedicating our efforts to crafting a complete pro-bono brand identity.